Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lake County Foreclosure Mediation Program to Start!

Lake County, IL has announced its Foreclosure Mediation Program! Similar to mediation programs in Cook County and Will County, the program will provide eligible Lake County homeowners an opportunity to address their mortgage lender and agree upon an alternative to foreclosure outside of the courtroom. (Read more about mediation and other options to save your home here.)

Who is eligible for Lake County Foreclosure Mediation?
Residential foreclosure cases filed after December 2, 2013 will be automatically eligible. Homeowners with older cases may petition the court to participate in the program.

Will mediation stop a foreclosure?
Participation in the mediation program will put a temporary hold on the foreclosure proceedings to allow the mediation to be completed. The homeowner must meet all deadlines in order maintain eligibility and continue in the mediation process.

The Mediation Process
  1. The homeowner must attend an Informational Session within 35 days of receiving the foreclosure summons. Homeowners must register for the Informational Session by calling the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County "AHCLC" at 847.263.7478 or visiting their website for upcoming sessions.
  2. Within 7 days of attending the Informational Session - the homeowner must schedule an appointment with a counselor from AHCLC. Counseling information & forms to complete are available on their website.
  3. Counseling appointments should be scheduled and completed within the next 30 days.The homeowner must attend their scheduled Counseling appointment and provide all required documentation.
  4. Once Counseling is complete, the homeowner will have 60 days to reach a resolution with the plaintiff at a mediation session(s).
If the homeowner misses any of these deadlines he/she will no longer be eligible for mediation (unless the court makes a special exception) and the foreclosure proceedings will resume. 

Read the official rules here or call our office for more information about how to save your home.

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